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“To help leaders discover new ways of working so that people and performance thrive.” “Catalysing integration of technology, people, systems and process, activating resilient future-fit organisations, faster.”

WHO IS grit?

WHO IS grit?

grit a Cyient Company is a sustainable global performance improvement design consultancy in the asset and people intensive industries, that unlocks value by catalysing integration of technology, people, systems and process, activating resilient and thriving future-fit organisations, faster.


To help leaders of complex organisations address the inherent social and technical dilemmas affecting sustainable performance outcomes at every level and stage of an organisation and capital project lifecycle. To support clients confronting head-on the issues of today but in the perspective, they are potentially the precursors of even more daunting issues of the future. Our bold ambition is to build a unique platform where clients gain access to the right talent, feel supported and part of the solution to drive co-design and implementation efforts that bring about big change initiatives in a holistic and fully transformative way.


grit mainly works in asset intensive industries, including mining and metals, energy and resources, infrastructure, and asset services. We specialise in transforming underperforming and immature Quartile 3 & 4 businesses, and partner with clients to help them move up the maturity curve and sustain new performance levels. Our blue-chip mining and metals clients include – Glencore, BHP, Vale, Rio Tinto, Anglo, Newmont, Newcrest, and Barrick.


To help leaders discover new ways of working so that people and performance thrive. To help leaders co-design and activate a new declared future, and access their workforce to unlock value, harness ambition and generate belief towards the commitment of achieving sustainable performance outcomes that truly impact the lives of people at work, at home and in the community.


grit brings the right level of experience to create the conditions that generate better performance mindsets and habits of people. We provide a platform of learning that enables clients to solve problems that ultimately improve the inherent capability and performance of their people and physical assets. This platform assists in extracting maximum value and generates creating new value over the lifecycle of an organisation and capital project.

  • 2014

    grit Founded by Jeremy Brown in Brisbane Australia

  • 2016

    John Ptasznik joins grit as Co-Founder

  • 2017

    Major transformation program in Philippines

  • 2018

    Global headquarters established in Singapore

  • 2019

    Opens UAE branch – client programs in Zambia, South Africa and North America

  • 2020

    Opens London branch

  • 2021

    Opens Americas branch – client programs in Canada and South America

  • 2022:

“Companies often underestimate the benefits that flow from having aligned and engaged leaders and teams, creating the right environment, stimulating the future state where people learn together and coaching to grow capability that unlocks and captures value never envisaged.”


“We encounter organizations and projects unable to build or sustain effective and relevant safety strategies. At grit we co-design and activate people and systems centric safety culture programs, where people embrace and willingly demonstrate safety leadership at all levels

JOHN PTASZNIK // Co-founder

“Large and complex projects can experience levels of value destruction in the transition from build to ramp-up to steady state operation due to operations readiness challenges. We help protect your investment through our proactive operations readiness approach and methodology.”

TOM McGAW // Partner

“If a major project fails, more often than not the root-cause can be traced back to flaws in the early study stages. We understand what is required to move a major project through its development stages and can help ensure that its foundations are soundly set for successful execution.”


“Leaders struggle at times with lack of sufficient and accurate information to make informed decisions that impact business confidence and outcomes. Our solutions drive efficient and effective real-time decision making by focusing on removing obstacles versus just identifying them.”

SIMON GIFFIN // Director

“An increasingly volatile global economy is forcing organizations to focus efforts on cost cutting and efficiency improvements. At grit we help discover and implement improvement opportunities at the tactical, structural and strategic levels of your business to optimise performance.”