Operating Discipline – Systems of Work

Role: Lead co-designing new systems of work

Scope of work: Discover, define, co-design and activate processes and tasks across all assets for operators

Grit co-designed and implemented Operator Routines at a Copper Smelter and Refinery

There was a critical failure at the Desulfurization Plant of a copper smelter refinery in the Philippines The failure of this plant resulted in a significant production loss. Grit was requested to complete a review of the failure and implement operator routines. The implementation of routines at the Desulphurization Plant led to significant improvement from 35% to above 90% compliance in SO2 emissions. To date, over 493 routines have been developed across 9 assets. Grit has set up and coached a dedicated client team to continue to deliver the remainder of the Operator Routine Program.